Thursday, September 13, 2007

Strength in Diversity

I was at the first night of tarweeh yesterday. I was in the back and I looked at the rows of women in front of me. The Somalian women and their big hijabs and colourful clothes, the younger girls wearing basketball jerseys and hoodies, babies crawling around between the rows. And then the Imam prayed witr at the end and made dua, asking Allah to forgive us in this month and accept our fasting and prayer.

And it suddenly struck me as beautiful that throughout Ramadan, every single night, these people come out for the sole purpose of worshipping God. Next time you're in your mosque, look at the rows of people and how each of them is different. From the old men in thobes to the young thug-like teens, every shade of black, brown and white. The diversity within our community is beautiful. It just adds to the amazing spirit of Ramadan; all of us being so different, yet more alike than we sometimes care to admit :)

Ramadan Mubarak.


'liya said...

Thank you for the sweet email :)

Ramadan mubarak! (I think I said that already but I'll say it again).

"The diversity within our community is beautiful" - for sure!

fathima said...

see, you write these kinds of posts that make me feel happy and serious inside and then i read the word
"Look! A foot" and that feeling immediately dissipates.

still: Ramadan Kareem, ya samosa.

Nauman said...

Ramadan Mubaarak... yes, it's nice to see how united we become during this blessed month - if only the ummah could sustain that year-round and grow upon our commitment to 'deen' from the blessed month of Ramadan.