Thursday, January 22, 2009

16 random stuff (yes, I used "stuff" in the plural)

I have been tagged by Iffat to enlighten you with "16 random things, facts, habits, or goals" about me. And naturally, I always comply with tags, because I am very nice.

1. Today I spelled wimps "whimps" and it made me ashamed.

2. Once I had this rishta thing/"blind date" as my brother likes to call them. The guy rang the doorbell, and I opened the door and I pretended like he had the wrong house. (Hey, if I'm going to do something awkward, why not make it fun, too?) He looked very confused, so I said I was joking. Anyways, he didn't come back.

3. I broke my glasses a few days ago. You know when you get up in the morning and you're still 90% asleep? I grabbed for the spectacles and knocked them over instead. I now walk around with a big crack in one of my lenses. I think it adds character.

4. Hi.

5. I had a dream that my nephew (8 months old) came up to me and said "hi." That was the whole dream. I have snippets of retarded dreams like this on a regular basis.

6. Only guys who are shorter than me want to marry me.

7. I like purple these days. Dark purple.

8. I found a video of Barack Obama dancing. It's really just the bees knees.

9. I say things like "bees knees" and other outdated phrases.

10. I like sappy stuff like this.

11. One of my goals is to change the world. Yes, I want to change the world. And I don't think it's an unreasonable goal. My definition of changing the world is making a positive difference in people's lives, one person at a time. Maybe when I die the world won't be all that different, but their worlds will be. InshaAllah.

12. I own a fake beard, and a (separate) fake mustache. That I wear on occasion.

13. The sillier things are, the more I like them.

14. If I ever decided to quit social work, I'd definitely become a wedding planner. I don't think anyone would hire me, but I'd have a business card anyways.

15. I judge a book by its cover, and I'm not sorry.

16. I hate endings. Of any sort.

Unfortunately, the end. Get on with your lives, people.


snagabeardedmozlem said...

"I judge a book by its cover, and I'm not sorry."

not just books, m'dear:)

abdul said...

LOL @ 6

Asmaa said...

Snag, yes, yes I know ;)

Abdul, you laugh now, but it's true. And somewhat of a strange pattern.

Tasneem said...

Asmaa, your not the only one with problem number 6! don't feel here with you!

brotherhood said...

#4 is the best

Owl said...

Oh dude. We must be twins seperated at birth or something. I have a fake beard (but with attached mustache) which gives me a huge kick. My dreams are ALSO just random and utterly useless snippets - snapshots I can barely remember. My fellow semi-tall female cousins and I also came up with a theory on the shorter rishta dilemma - in short (rimshot) they want tall progeny so they come a knockin' on our doors. Boo to them! I like wearing shoes, to say nothing of HEELS! I have four purple shirts. And I say things like "oh dear" and "golly". And I'm also trying to change worlds. So far though, I just make my one weirder.



Asmaa said...

Tasneem, we should eat ice cream one day and complain about short people.

Brotherhood, I agree. I think #4 was the most honest and insightful one out of the bunch.

Owl, perhaps you should accompany Tasneem and I to complain about short guys? Hehe. I'm glad to meet another female who owns a beard, this makes me inexplicably happy.

M&M said...

haha hilarious! i want to see this fake beard and mustache

and LOL at # 6! really makes one wonder where the tall guys are eh

Anonymous said...

Can i join you for an the ice cream quest too, i am a short guy.

was wondering, how tall are you??

Asmaa said...

M & M, it would be my pleasure to show you the beard and mustache.

Anon, nah you can't join us. However, feel free to pursue ice cream on an individual basis.

iffat said...

i hope you've got your glasses repaired or at least can see what you need to see with them.

if you start slouching today, maybe in ten years or so you'll shrink a few inches to have a perfect marriageable height.

note to asmaa (and self): find a place that sells thick black fake beards and mustaches.

Rizwan said...

I guess a #6 for a lot of guys I grew up with (well, ok maybe just me) was that it seemed like only older women wanted to marry us (otherwise known as me). Then when you get old (like I am now) you lose your thick shiny hair (from your head but unfortunately not from your arms and back) and you get a pot belly from eating too much study-food from Tim Horton's and so basically you arrive at a place where nobody wants to marry you except immigrants who want a green card...

But you can't marry them because the North American girls get mad at you for not wanting one of the immigrant girls can be they might prefer Fanta to Coke and that could very well be the first straw that breaks the camels back...or slows him down a lot.

Also, #2 is the best idea EVER (tonight). I'm going to do it the next (first) time I get a rishta/blind date.