Monday, January 19, 2009

Buttons or a Lack Thereof

Okay. I have a problem. Well, one amongst many. Namely, the buttons on my clothes keep falling off. Now, I'm not sure if I'm simply handling them too hard, or I suddenly gained 30 lbs and my buttons feel the need to pop.

It is very unnerving to see your buttons hanging by a thread, and you being forced to rip them off lest they roll into the street whilst you're walking around blissfully unaware.

Then you make solemn promises to yourself that you will sew them right back on when you get home. But the allures of the couch and dinner are far too strong! Thus, you are left with clothing that is missing a button or two, silently hoping no one will notice.

Damn you, buttons!


adnan. said...

this is uncanny, i had a thought about buttons on the subway today, though it was slightly different. might post about it.

Abdul said...

ask you mummy to sew them back!!