Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rejection Hotline

I'm probably years behind, but my little sister recently introduced me to this, and I found it quite brilliant.

In theory you give this number to someone who asks for your number (if you're not so interested in him/her): 647-476-4910

Try it. It gave me a bit of a laugh.


adnan. said...

and i thought they all just lived in the same house.

Asmaa said...

I don't get it.

Abdul said...

lol, he's hinting that he has been getting phone numbers from different girls. All the girls have given him this rejection phone number. So he was thinking they must live in the same house (roommates etc.)

Asmaa said...

Either I'm thick, or Adnan does not communicate clearly. Probably the latter :D

adnan. said...

abdul's assessment of my statement is correct.

the latter? i think it's both.

The Forgotten said...

Extremely disappointed.
Viciously betrayed.
Utterly disgraced.

These are the feelings I type down when I read this post which, in fact, was supposed to be our secret. But alas, an evil fiend like yourself did not wish to agree with a simple request made by her younger sibling, and exposed it to the world. I cannot express the hatred towards you which slowly fills my heart.

P.S: Yes, I'm back to haunt and obliterate your blog. Do not think otherwise.

Asmaa said...

Nus, stop looking at thesaurus.com and then using it to write comments on my blog. go au naturel.