Wednesday, January 21, 2009

thus far

As part of my social work program, I'm doing a placement at a community centre in Parkdale. So far (this is only my 4th day) I've seen:

1. Several drunk men.
2. A man with a dog that wasn't on a leash (much scarier than drunk men).
3. A fire truck coming to pick up a man who fainted. (Why a fire truck? The man wasn't on fire.)
4. A man who was banned from the centre for making threats came back to yell at the security guard.
5. A Tibetan man who named both of his children "Tenzin." One is a boy, one is a girl. I don't get it, but okay.

I need to see more action, baby!


yaser said...

firefighters are often more readily available than ems services (there are fewer fires than there are medical emergencies). they are also trained in life support and this is why a fire truck is often the first to arrive.

Asmaa said...

you ruined my corny joke.

fathima said...

oh, it was a joke

yaser said...


'liya said...

#5 I had a female student named Tenzin whose sister was also Tenzin and a whole bunch other people in her family (she was listing them all on her fingers) was odd and she told me the meaning behind the name and importance of it but I forgot.

mezba said...

There's a fire station approximate 11 minutes away from any location in the city, so they are usually the quickest responder.

Maybe the pronounciation of Tenzin was different for each kid?