Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Every baby is a miracle

One of the members of our MSA's executive now has a newborn son :) Some of us went to visit them in the hospital today--needless to say, we acted very excited...all taking turns to hold the baby and coo at it in various ways. So he asked us why we were acting as though this was an anomolie or miracle. And we said, because it is a miracle.

SubhanAllah, every new life is a miracle.


Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Awww, masha'Allah ... look how precious he is! May Allah Swt provide him with a long healthy and successful life and may he always be on Siraat al-Mustaqeem.

Faraz said...


Yep, even though there are over 7 billion people alive right now that have all gone through this stage, it makes it no less a miracle. A doctor I know often states that he cannot believe that people can deny the existence of a Creator even after witnessing childbirth first hand. He said that no matter how many hundreds of babies he's delivered over the years, he still cannot deny how amazing it is.

As I like saying ... we don't need to wait for the moon to split; there are enough signs of Allah Subhan wa ta'Ala in the most common things, if we really think about it.

Tasneem said...

mashAllah he's so beautiful! What did they name him?

Asmaa said...

Sqeeky, Ameen! :D

Faraz, couldn't have said it better myself :)

Tasneem, they named him Abdullah (though it took 'em a couple of days since the parents were in disagreement. But of course, the mommy won ;)