Sunday, April 22, 2007

Revolutionary Wudu Maker

Ever on the lookout for strange and unusual items, The Fool was amused to discover what was being celebrated (at a conference) as the revolutionary appliance for performing one's ritual ablution before prayer: It's a pretty thing, sure, and perhaps it will entice those lazy worshippers who skip their ablutions (and maybe even their prayers!) because the wudu area's just too wet and stinky. Unfortunately, The Fool isn't all that convinced this contraption's new and improved. The main difficulty an intrepid wudu-maker experiences is the splashing of large amounts of water on one's clothing - particularly on inopportune parts of one's body - and this pearly white thing, lovely though it may be, doesn't seem to do the trick.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

I like it. Now, why are you not studying? You have to read so that I don't... come on now Asmaa, I'm counting on you:P

Have fun, fr:)

'liya said...

It looks a bit awkward to me. If you sit on the little bench part (I assume that's for sitting on?) then that means to rinse your mouth you have to bend over to spit and that's a bit of strain on your neck (or at least you'd have to bend enough so that you don't splash water on your pants).


Roman said...

I agree that it's no good. I can't stand wudhu places where the faucet is placed 3 to 5 feet off the ground.. Everytime i visit majid Toronto or attempt to use the wudhu stall by UTSC prayer area, it always seems to end up looking more like ghusl than wudhu..

I'm sticking to the sink..