Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Makeover Shows: a Confession

So I'm kind of obsessed with makeover shows. I don't know why--especially since I'm always complaining about the fact that men judge women by their outer appearances, etc. I must be some sort of hypocrite. But still, there's some kind of perverse fascination in seeing an ugly before and pretty after of someone.

Okay, so there's 10 Years Younger , What Not to Wear, Style by Jury, and a bunch of others that I won't get into. So yeah, my ultimate dilemma is that I'm overly enjoying these programs, while totally not agreeing with their core messages. Oh what to do...I feel like a vegetarian who sneaks in some chicken once in a while.

In my defense, I hate makeover shows that involve any type of plastic surgery, that's just wrong, no matter who you are.

In other news, my last exam of undergrad is tomorrow, which explains why I'm blogging. Makes perfect sense. More on that later.


shajara said...

Assalamu aleikum,
*sigh*...certainly awful.. but I must begrudgingly concur, the before and afters are so cool...! Okay, so they require porcelain veneers, microdermabration, Lasix, cut-dyed-and-professionally-styled hair, and a $700 outfit - there's still a surprising triumph of delight that comes from seeing an insecure duckling become a veritable swan (although it's a very sad indication of our society's ills that the dear duckling can made to feel accepted, and carry some measure of confidence after she has donned the appropriate dress and made-up visage). Of all the three, I tried to convince myself "What Not to Wear" is at least somewhat "useful", teaching you how to dress well regardless of body type (hijab pending, of course), although not less the ridiculous ($5000 for clothes is frightening...mondo israaf, that's tuition for a year). After a while though, you get to the point where you can't stand how superficial it is - basically, the participants on the show are looked down upon as "unworthy," and their merits as individuals only praised when they undertake strenuous measures to beautify themselves? Plus - in all these shows, they are far, FAR, FAR too MEAN :( (What horrid comments!). So, for all these reasons and more, I've weaned myself off...lets hope for a good long while (like, forever :) ), inshaAllah.

Bittawfeeq inshaAllah, may Allah make your exam easy! Go grad, go!

hajera said...

Omg Asmaa, NO WAY!!! Like, exactfreakingly!! These shows are like, omg like, sooo dumb, but like, I totally love them. Omg, I know eh, I feel like, such a hypocrite. Like, it's sad. lolllzzzz


Rizwan said...

Maybe it's only apparent hypocrisy. In a sense, it's a sign of fitrah to be interested in the whole notion of a makeover (i.e. transformation). There's a kind of "tawbah" that takes place when someone submits/commits to a makeover. It is a process characterized by *change* which is something we are naturally interested in because when our eyes see such things, our soul struggles to remember that we will also change and be "madeover" by God who tells us that He will make the people of the Garden young again and give them the most beautiful forms to reflect the beautiful actions they did in this life seeking only the pleasure of God. The people of the fire will also be madeover/transformed to ugly forms that reflect their ugly actions in this life that they did not turn away from/for which they did not make tawbah.

I imagine that the thing I ought to feel if I see these shows is shame that I do not put more effort and attention in beautifying my character and actions than the people in the shows put effort into beautifying their physical appearance.

May Allah give you tawfiq on your exams.

fathima said...

hajera does a really good teenybopper impersonation. hmm.

Travelling Stranger said...

So are the contributors to this blog 3 different people or 3 different personalities in the same person???

Asmaa said...

Rizwan, that was an awesome analysis. I have to say, I'm quite impressed!

Stranger, yes, I'm schizophrenic.