Sunday, April 29, 2007

From Egypt, with Love

My dad and sister came home today from their 3-week visit to Egypt. So they brought gifts for us and all sorts of interesting things. Amongst these interesting things are the following pictures...

These are the pyramids from the airplane:

The view from their window at the hotel in Cairo, this is the nile:

Some weird art in their hotel room (clearly, my sister's hand does not approve):

A man reading Qur'an on the Mediterranean:

The Mediterranean at sunset:

A view of the seashore at night:

Stanley Bridge that overlooks the Mediterranean:

The streets of Alexandria, you have to love the donkey carts:

All the food stuff we sent to my other sister in Egypt, as per her request:

Enjoy some mango or guava juice.

Some crazy deathly desserts:

More death by ice cream:

Some fruit thing that looks awesome. It cost 5 pounds, which is equal to a Canadian dollar, yum:

And, my all time favourite, a shirt they found while shopping (hey, every day is worlo love day at!):

And for all my special and valued blog readers, a wink from my cousin:


Nauman said...

Some nice pictures... I particularly liked the scenic ones.

Anonymous said...

The view of the seashore at night made me long to be there and that wink was priceless.
- commonplacer

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures! Part of my culture shock when I went to Egypt, at age 14, was our bus that was taking us to our destination (in Assiut) side-swiping a donkey cart. And we didn't even stop!

Your pictures make me want to visit again. It's been awhile....

The wink from your cousin is the best!

Nusaybah said...



'liya said...

I like the first picture. Very nice :)

mezba said...

great pictures especially of the pyramids.

shajara said...

Assalamu aleikum,
Best were:
- The man reading Quran..subhanAllah :)
- My tastebuds whine, though my arteries protest
- The wink. And my, what a wink it was.

Tell sumsum, welcome back :)

Asmaa said...

Thanks for the compliments peoples :) Hopefully I'll get to go myself sometime soon.

Sumera said...

Awww! Lol...your cousins cute! :D

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum Asmaa,

Aw the memories... :)
Lets go together some time!