Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tell Your Government When You’ve Last Had Your Period

Just yesterday, The Fool was aghast at the discovery that female civil servants in India have to reveal when they’ve last had their periods on annual performance appraisal forms submitted to their employees. Apparently these forms are used to "evaluate the officer's fitness". But what intrusiveness! What an invasion of one's privacy!

The Fool is now pleased to learn that the uproar these women have raised has led to the quick withdrawal of these questions:

"A decision to this effect has been taken considering the sensitivity of the issue," an unnamed senior official of the Ministry of Personnel told a newspaper.

"A fresh notification deleting those female-specific clauses will be issued shortly," the official said.

The Fool remains bemused that employees are evaluated on the basis of their health, but she can live with this phenomenon more easily than that of being forced to share the details of when one has last seen blood with all and sundry.


Anonymous said...

what the hell...

Arif said...

Whatever happened to those mystery text messages you used to receive?

jolly old man said...

hahahahaaaaaa. :-D