Friday, April 20, 2007

Reasons not to study

So, I have two exams next week, which I'm not studying for because:

a) I slept in because I needed the rest since uhh, I was doing heavy lifting the day before. Okay so I'm lying. But I did sleep in.

b) I had to clean my room - who can study in a messy room?! That took a while. Actually I'm not quite done yet.

c) I had to play with two kittens all day, my sister-in-law brought them over for a visit. She saved them from a shelter that was going to kill them :( So we were thinking of names for them and we came up with these: one is fil-fil (pepper in Arabic) and the other is between 'Asal (honey) or Jasmine. I personally like 'Asal. Jasmine is too Disney. And come now, I couldn't possible study with the cute little fluff balls running around.

d) I talked to a friend on the phone about what kind of wedding dress she wants to wear to her nikkah vs. walima. And no, she's not engaged.

e) I had to watch TV. Because my brother came over and we were watching know, like family time.

f) Night time, too late to study.

I'll study tomorrow. Or something.


Umar said...

I'm done!

(well, except for the essay I have to hand in by Sunday)

MT said...

g) your loyal readers expect a daily blog update. you can't disappoint them. hence must come up with material

Tasneem said...

your excuse are better then mine! no fair!