Monday, February 27, 2006

Second last to none

I went to school early this morning, around 8am to finish an assignment that was due at 10am. The computer I was working on started going berserk, and then, well, I started crying. Sobbing actually. Not sure why. So I spent my day walking around with puffy eyes. I also fell asleep during one of my English classes (and when I say asleep, I mean my lights were out). Got home. Then, to comfort myself, I had two two-bite brownies. And now I'm watching Barefoot Contessa. I wonder if her husband minds that she always has male friends over. Sigh.


Maria said...

"You guys give my wife a company -- I have a date with my ex tonight. Thanks man :)"

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,
you are deserving of hug.
I know how you feel - been there, done that. It's a culmination of anxiety, forlornness, panic, baseless feelings of inadequacy, despondentness.

Asmaa, you so rock. You will do fine; school is a drag but just stick to it, inshaAllah things work out. I'd recommend trying to reconnect spiritually, I've found it reaally helps deflect the "bleary-schoolife-woes". That and chocolate :P (just had me a Lindor truffle mmmm)

for your benefit though I will post poem in my blog
loves and huggles always and miss you already

Umar said...

two-bite brownies are awesome!

barefoot contessa, though, is not.

Anonymous said...

Salam Asmaa,

No Worries! All will be well once you visit me tomorrow at UTM for the Shaykh Khalid Yasin lecture at 7:30 pm :P. Check your e-mail, I sent you pictures from Thursday's trip and I have a feeling they just might make you smile :D! Chocolate is indeed the best remedy. Take care for now, peace fr:)

Nauman said...

Sometimes, the littlest of things can set us off in an emotional tangent. Some people cry. Some people experience rage. In the end, it's energy wasted and it often tends to muddy things that you don't need any more frustating... :(

Your two-bite brownies remind me of my two-bite mini-cupcakes that I affectionately call "Happy Cupcakes". They're amazing... but small and expensive which makes it too hard to justify each time I'm at No Frills.

Safiyyah said...

Aww, poor Asmaa. Tears are sometimes the most exasperating thing...they come when they're least expected. Hope the brownies did their trick. When's our scheduled cake-eating fest? We should start planning now, given the amount of work required for girls to go out and have some fun.

Asmaa said...

Maria, so that's how it is!

Sheikh, you're too cool for school. You know what I just realized? You're basically me except more able to express yourself, and a generally better person. Okay, maybe you're not just like me :P I will implement your advice, inshaAllah.

Umar, you're just afraid of what you don't know.

not-so-anon, you should be paying me for that advertising. And yes, the pics made me smile in my spaced out way :D

Nauman, crying is never energy wasted. And you call them happy cupcakes because you're a nerd. In any case, they'll never beat my two-bite brownies.

Safiyyah, thanks :) I say we schedule the cake-eating fest to conflict with a large and vitally important MSA event.

Khadijah- khad said...

aw, hahaha.. i sleep in english everyday.
even when im staring at the teacher he still says im sleeping.
ay karamba...
Very very true about barefoot contessa and her husband.. that really isnt goood.. i spell a little call to dr.phil..
err. homework. blagh. i hate it. and i still have so much schooling left.. butt the english teacher said i should get married... ekk.
hes very evil. like joker from batman.
oh well.. ill learn to live with sarcastic people now a days.. *uhh*
bye byesss!

Get a life said...

Liar. You did not start crying, because as I said, you are a heartless beast. Therefore, you should not, under any circumstances, lie to your fellow friends on this blog of yours. I am admonishing you, Asmaa, please stay concerned on this important matter.


Ms. H said...

Yes Asmaa, I know exactly what that's like. First you get really pissed off, then before you know it the tears just start falling. It's the outpour of stress, frustration and anger all at once.

This feeling is often brought on by being in a room with 22 rotten kids..

Asm, did i ever tell you I hate children?

Chocolate helps. So does BC..

SaRaH! said...

man. you had two-bit brownies?!!! i hope you're not still feeling down.

if you offer to mail me some of those, i'll offer to mail you some ... uhh ..gulab jamun? jalebi? ok ok ok!!! i got it!!! PAKOLA!

SaRaH! said...

Oh btw, Assalaamu Alaikum.

I don't know you.

Asmaa said...

Khad, your sleeping in English class is a little bit different :D

Nusa, stop leaving me comments where you quite obviously use Maybe I am a heartless beast.

Ms. H, you've got it down pretty well. And yes, you've told me many times that you hate children :)

Sarah!, the brownies really helped, thanks :) I don't really enjoy Indian desserts though :P