Thursday, June 11, 2009

So....that's all I think...okay bye...actually WAIT!

I recently needed to make a whole bunch of calls at my workplace. I realized very quickly that I leave the gayest voicemails ever (pardon my French). You know when you kind of babble in a voicemail and then realize it a little bit too late? Me.

This is what a typical voicemail of mine looks/sounds like:

Voicemail: Hi you've reached Vicky, please leave your name and number after the beep and I'll call you back. *Beep*

Hi this message is for Vicky. My name is Asmaa and I'm calling from (organization name). If you could give me a call back today, that would be great. My number here is...ummm hold on a sec. You know, I should really have this number memorized so I don't leave silly messages like this. Heh heh. (Scrambles around desperately to find a business card or something.) Okay here it is, 416-911-9111. Okay? So yeah, give me a call back today if you can. Or hey you could email me, too. My email is A as in apple, S as in sam, M as in man, H as in horse, U as in...U. S as in sam and S as in sam. at And uhhh...yeah I think that should be it for now. Thanks, bye. Oh sorry, one more thing by the way: this is regarding the client Bob Loblaw that I need information about. Okay bye for real now. Bye.

Who wouldn't want to kick me in the face after that?


abdul said...


i've heard

Anonymous said...


well think about it this way.. you are providing entertainment to all those bored people at work that feel like slitting their wrists when they walk through that door.

Keep it up. :)

Asmaa said...

Hah, but do you think these people are suicidal before or after they listen to my message? Because as a future social worker, inshaAllah, it would be a shame to know that I've spurred suicides.

sara said...

I am so good at leaving those kinds of messages. You are definitely not alone.

Nauman said...

I've also heard worse... I like how your client is Bob Loblaw. :)

Rizwan said...

Stop bugging people about Bob Loblaw. He has enough problems.

I suggest you set your mind on figuring out how to find Waldo.

These are my opinions.

Have a good weekend!