Tuesday, June 30, 2009

People hate me

A hysterical woman came to where I work, and she was desperate for help. Everyone was busy except for me, so I came out to help her. She took one look at me and said "I don't want HER."

A woman in dire need of assistance, and her racism prevented her from accepting help from me. I'm more sad for her than I am offended by her.

Similarly, a couple of days ago I was grocery shopping with my sister and an old woman grumbled past us. Right when I saw her face, I turned to my sister and said "it looks like she wants to yell some obscenities at us." And, Lo and behold, she growled at us saying "you should've stayed where you came from!" and then she hurried away.

The reason I was upset this time was because she offended my intelligence by not coming up with a more unique slur. If you're going to be crass enough to shout racist things at someone, at least be creative.

I've observed people's behaviour and I have concluded that roughly 18% of people hate me.


Anonymous said...

I've experienced the Supermarket Racist before, but a guy with an Eastern European accent said it...
so it just ended up being amusing.

it wouldn't be a costly or time consuming trip seeing as how I was born here, you fowl mouthed miscreant. (message to supermarket racist's everywhere)

Nauman said...

Just 18%? That's not bad...

Anonymous said...

I just wondering a few days ago how many people actually come across open hostility towards Islam or their own ethnic minority. I, personally, have never come across any. I find the stories of those that do, funny. Unless it's something major, of course. Hmh.

- The Ruler