Monday, June 15, 2009

I bought the Twilight series for my little sister. She absolutely loves me for it. And yes, I am going to read them, too. Shut up.


'liya said...

They're really good :D

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I'm totally anti-Twilight. Simply because I read/watch manga/anime and I find the series very similar to mangas that I've read or am reading. *shrug*

- The Ruler

Asmaa said...

I didn't realize it was possible to be in love with fictional characters :'(

I think I've made up my mind that I can never love anyone unless he is a vampire. Or werewolf.

That severely limits my options. Ah well.

8 year old with attitude says: said...

I can be a werewolf, but after Maghrib payer usually???

Enjoy reading.

Nauman said...

I love the new banner... hilarious. :)

Asmaa said...

8 year old, I don't think you can be a werewolf, but you do a pretty good job of being a freak, which is close :)

Nauman, haha thanks.

8 years old with attitude says said...

What I do is form of intelligent, that is difficult for you to understand, No offense at all, it took me a few years to develop these kind of skills, I am just a little bit older than you, only a little bit. I think you also a very intelligent and active person, and you will develop a better skills than I do one day inshaa Allah. It is just a matter of time..... and being with a good crowds is also a factor.

Have a good weekend.

Asmaa said...

8 year old, you're right, it is difficult for me to understand what you're saying 76% of the time. But is that really my fault? Think about it.

8 years old with attitude says: said...

Totaly, I agree with you..... it is not your fault at all, I just happened to be 76% smarter than any average person. I have two papers with official stamps says that

it is okay Asmaa, it is an ability I was born with....... not your fault at all, beside other skills I deveolped in the past few years like a Chemistry degree from Michigan state university in 2001 and another Master in Math and Quantum physics from UC Berkeley in 2007..... plus I am almost 28 years old..... so yeah, these are all my faults.

Oh, one more thing, I can also speak fluently 4 lanagues,
Arabic, English, German, and Spanish. dealing with a lot of Mexicans here forced me to learn this wonderful langauge.

Have a good weekend.

Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

To the 8 year old: why you gotta spread your bio-data around like that, dude? If I didn't know better, it would seem to me that you are trying to attract a random wife here at "Randomly Placed" randomly. This attempt absolutely belongs here if done randomly, but you seem to be getting too systematic about it. Allahu a`lam.

Maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm not, I suggest you try or some site like that instead.

Have a good weekend =P

Rizwan said...

Also to the 8 year old:

Do you have any numchuck skills? Because if you do, then I think Asmaa will take you more seriously. That's just a guess. Allahu a`lam.

K, bye!

8 years old with attitude says: said...


What I did is absolute randomness.

Sadly to many people, I am a real systematic person. And I aslo get paid to be a systematic.
Sorry, not much I can do about this.


Good one ;)I love it

I have Wii skills, you think that will work??

Asmaa said...

I agree with anon, 8 year old should try his hand at Let us know how it goes. The fact that you visit my blog at 3am and other such random times indicates to me that you are in dire need of a wife to smack you around a bit.