Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some Clarification

Assalaamu alaikum, I think that it's time I clarify some things to those who happen upon this blog. When I post about things like bouncy balls or chocolate, some readers tend to summarize me by those posts. Some tend to wonder why I am maniacal in such a manner as to post about such "meaningless objects." So, I would like to make some things clear. Muslims, and people in general, have issues these days in terms of not being able to be satisfied with the little pleasures and small and "meaningless" things in life. But I tend to be satisified with little things, and I find joy in some of the most unusual places. I don't need expensive things to be happy or to define who I am. If I am not satisfied with who I am, with how I practice Islam and with my journey for more knowledge, I will not find that satisfaction anywhere else. And although I am always unsatisfied with my level of Iman, I think I'm trying really hard to become a better person, a better Muslim, and I put my trust in Allah (swt). But people can't see that. People can't see beyond what they limit themselves to. And because I have that trust, because I know full well that Allah (swt) is there for me to turn to at any time, I am at ease. I can find enjoyment in little things and be happy just because I'm alive and my mind is working, alhamdulillah. And though this should be clear, I will say it anyways because I don't think people realize this: my life doesn't revolve around complete silliness. I have tests and trials and difficulties like everyone else in this world. I have faults, great faults that I'm trying to mend, and I have pain and bad days. But why should I add to the fury? Why add to the misery that brings people down and prevents us from achieving things? Why can't I endeavour to make people happy, even for a moment, or to make people smile without being questioned about my motives? A smile is a charity, and if you make people smile, even for the briefest of moments, isn't that also something? Why is it that we feel we cannot leave people alone but must judge someone by the littlest of things? People have been doing that to me for my entire life, without realizing that every single person here is on their own journey. To limit and define that person to only a few things that he or she has said or done, is a great injustice. I dislike that. And I will even venture to say that I dislike the very people who are the most imperfect of judges - who judge without knowing anything about who they are judging. And Allah (swt) is the most Just.


Asmaa said...

Since I was accused of being a coward for initially not allowing comments on this post, I decided to open it up.

And since "cowardly" is not an adjective that describes Asmaa, comment away.

Elizabeth said...

I don't think it was cowardly to not allow comments. If you wanted your thoughts to stand alone I think that was fine. But since I am allowed to comment, I want to say that I really like what you said. I'm glad there are people in the world who are happy with small things. I'm glad there are people of all different backgrounds and religions and ethicities that understand that everyone is on their own journey and one isn't better than another. So, thanks for posting this post.

Small things....I haven't blogged about it, because I didn't have a blog back then, but it used to make me immeasurably happy to see the little frogs in my garden when we lived in rural California. The fact that there was a little ecosystem there for them even in the dry California summers just made me smile.

Thanks for making the world a little better place.

'liya said...

"To limit and define that person to only a few things that he or she has said or done, is a great injustice. I dislike that." I totally, agree.. I find that most people have done this to me as well.

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,

It wasn't cowardly; it was in some ways necessary. It'd be a shame to blemish a post like that.

But I am glad you opened it up for comments because I was dying to give you an internet hug: >hug<
In case anyone thought Asmaa is all "silliness," your wit and humanity, writing prowess and clarity of expression, and earnest striving to enrich your life with faith, should leave them humbled.

InshaAllah, I hope we continue on this journey together.

Cowardly is certainly not an adjective that decribes Asmaa. Neither is silly.

Asmaa said...

Elizabeth & Aaliya, thanks for your comments :D

Olde woman, man, you're so awesome that it hurts. if it so happens that I am all of that, you're all that too. Times ten.

I need you to come back to Toronto as soon as you can. Internet hugs just aren't the same :(

Rizwan said...

For the record:

Subhan Allah. Reading your blog usually makes me smile and often helps me see things I didn't see before =)

Let the haters disperse! NO shirkers allowed!