Sunday, January 15, 2006

Brain Freeze

I lost my hat coming home today, on the subway. My head will be cold now. After I left the subway and boarded my bus, I reached for my hat, just as a comfort thing. But it wasn't there. I checked in my pockets (a stupid place to check, I know), in my backpack, on the floor of the bus...I was frantic. The other passengers must have thought I wasn't well. So, I figured that I must have left it on the subway car. Here's a picture of my friend, the chicken, that was on my hat: I am very sad. I always celebrated the uniqueness of my hat. It was the Asmaa Hat. Now I'll probably have to conform and buy a regular old black one or something of that sort. Maybe it's time. Email me if you want to come to the mall with me, eat ice cream and cry, then go shopping for a new one.


sara said...

Oh man, Asmaa.

I was there when you bought it so I should be there when you get a new one.

I had similar sentiments when I lost my most perfect mittens in the world, two years ago. A friend of mine bought me another pair a few weeks ago.

The new ones can't replace the fun memories I have of the old ones.

Umar said...

oh..... k


(btw, I need some help with my arabic homework... conjugating 3 verbs)

ahy said...

whatever, u dont need no nerd hat, you have a HOT head, because it computes so much, it'll keep you hot.

Asmaa said...

Sara, it's not really about the memories, it's more about the manifestation of my youth in that hat, which is now lost :D Let's go back to the same store. It's cold, I need to get one.

Umar, boy, get a tutor.

Ahy, yes, my brain does compute a lot. Not that that means I have a higher rate of productivity than anyone else. Quite the contrary. My brain seems to prevent me from making progress. In your words: sigh.

olde woman said...

Oh no! Not the chicken hat!!!!

Asmaa and Sarah: I totally sympathise, I'm still mourning over my most wonderful absolutely best glove-in-a-glove :.(

Asmaa: Check Lost and Found on Sherbourne(I'm serious - things do turn up there, strange as it may seem).

Umar said...

once it's been flying around the subway station, i seriously advise against reclaiming it.

Umar said...

its not even about getting a tutor or not.... the prof. just gave us the sheet and said she wanted us to see how we tackled it on our own.

brotherhood said...

alas i liked that hat :-/

afroza said...

Asmaa, this is my first comment on ur blog and its too bad its at such a sad time. This is just too tragic! I'm so sad. That hat was really was the Asmaa Hat. You don't know how many ppl you inspired by wearing it. I hope you find a nice new one...who knows maybe you can invest in one with a cow or something? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Salam Asmaa,

I shall join you on this trip to the mall but only because it includes ice cream! Can we have Baskin Robins chocolate ice cream with colourful sprinkles? You can cry about your hat and I will cry about my new realization... oh my... all is well:P. See you soon inshallah, till then take care - fr:)

Carmen said...

Why do you need a hat when you could just wear TWO hijabs to keep warm and stay fashionable (sorry chicken hat)!?

Asmaa said...

Olde, your glove-in-a-glove...I loved that thing!

Umar, key words there "on your own"

Brotherhood, 'tis truly a loss.

Afroza, a cow? Hmm I never thought of that...that will be on my mind when I go shopping for one.

Fr, you're still a baby so you don't have to cry about anything yet.

Carmen, yay welcome to my blog :D Nah, two hijabs means I won't be able to hear properly :)

elysium said...

I lost my scarf at the airport on sunday :( I know how you feel.

my condolences.